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Specialized Rapid Reponse Temperature Sensor for Water Heater


1. High sensitivity and quick reaction
2. Compact structure, simple installation, good water resistance
3. Wide temperature range, good stability and high reliability
4. Can provide different resisitance, B value, strong interchang ability, high precision
5. Bullet case encapsulated

1. Water heater
2. Shower,disinfection cabinet,washing machine,soybean milk machine,air conditioner,induction cooker, microwave oven,washing machine

3. Granary temperature decting, refrigerator,air conditioner,electric water heater,freezer,mobile phone battery,battery charger,induction cooker,bread maker,disinfection cabinet

4. Electric oven,fire alarm,Food storage,ocean,deep well, glacier temperature measurement, military industry and other fields

Parameters Characteristics
1. Thermal reaction time: ≤ 3 seconds in water bath
2. Dissipation factor: about 2.6mW/℃ in standing air
3. Withstand voltage test:AC 1300V 2mA 1秒, no flashover, breakdown and other abnormal phenomena in the steel ball.
4. Insulation test:≥100MΩ
5.  Rated power:≤10mW
6. Operating temperature range:0℃~120℃




Ordering Instructions
Please inform the following parameters when ordering NTC temperature sensor:
1. Resistance value requirements (can be selected according to the above table)
2. B value requirements (can be selected according to the above table)
3. Working environment (whether waterproof, moisture-proof, cold and other requirements )
4. Application: different usgae has different temperature resistant wire and different resistance value
5. Operating temperature range
6. Accuracy requirement (1%-5% optional)
7. Shell material (copper, brass, stainless steel, ABS, epoxy resin and so on)
8. Customized shell dimensions is welcome
9. Customized wire rod and length is welcome
10. If connectors are needed at the end of the wire(Molex, JST, CJT and others are optional).

We are a professional manufacturer of NTC thermistors and temperature sensors. The products involve many parameters and specifications, 

please confirm before place an order.

RT table of conventional resistance values:



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