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Hot mass gas flow meter compressed air oxygen flow meter replaces MF5706

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  • AMS2106

Product Overview

High-performance Stable Precision Digital Mass Gas Flow Meter

1. The AMS2106 digital gas mass flow meter series is based on the thermal principle and calculates the mass flow rate of gas by measuring resistance changes. 

2. The product adopts independently developed MEMS flow sensor chips, which have good accuracy in the full range, excellent performance, stability and reliability. 

3. It has the characteristics of intuitive, accurate, stable, high and low temperature resistance, good linearity, and fast response. 

4. It has two modes of battery power supply and external power supply, achieving the advantages of flexible use and cumulative flow measurement, and meeting customers' high cost-effectiveness needs for the product.

Product Parameter

Operation temperature -10~+60℃
Accuracy ±3%FS
Response time ≤2s
Power supply mode 3 AA batteries or external power supply9~24v DC
Consumption ≤1W
Output RS485

Product Advantages

1. Precision measuring: 

AMS2106 digital gas mass flow meter adopts advanced digital technology and high-precision sensors, which can provide accurate gas mass flow measurement and is suitable for application scenarios that require high flow accuracy.

2. Digital design: 

The flowmeter is digitally designed with a variety of signal outputs and digital communication interfaces, which can be easily exchanged and integrated with other devices, improving ease of use and system integration.

3. Wide working range: 

AMS2106 digital gas mass flowmeter has a wide working range, which can adapt to the measurement needs of different gas types and flow ranges, and has strong versatility and applicability.



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