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Ventilator machine gas flow detection sensor

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  • AFM3020

Product Overview 

The AFM3020 sensor is a gas flow sensor from Oson Electronics, which measures the flow of air, oxygen, and other non corrosive gases with high accuracy. The special design inside the air duct makes the pressure loss of the flow through the sensor very low, making its performance suitable for various demanding application scenarios, such as medical ventilation and respiratory applications.

The AFM3020 operates with a 5V power supply voltage and has a digital I2C interface. The output measurement results are internally calibrated and temperature compensated. The excellent performance of this sensor is based on Oson Electronics' sensor technology, which is internally connected by a thermal sensing chip and a high-performance integrated 24 bit AD acquisition CMOS microprocessor. The gas flow rate is measured by a thermal sensor chip, ensuring very fast signal processing time and higher accuracy compared to similar products.

Product Parameter :

Supply Voltage 5VDC
Measuring range -10~+200slm
Operation temperature 0~+60℃
Accuracy 2.5%(Typical value)
Repeatability ±0.5%(Typical value)
Measuring gas Air (non condensing),N2,O2,Non corrosive gas
Device authentication Complies with RoHS and REACH standards

Product Advantages

1. Accurate measuring: 

The AFM3020 Flow Mass Sensor has a high accuracy flow measurement capability that accurately captures changes in fluid mass and flow rate, meeting the needs of precision industrial and laboratory applications.

2. Multi-function performance: 

the sensor has a variety of functions to achieve flow measurement in different media and working conditions, suitable for liquid or gas flow monitoring, with strong versatility and applicability.

3. High stability and reliability: 

AFM3020 flow mass sensor adopts advanced sensing technology and stable structural design, with excellent stability and reliability, suitable for industrial application scenarios with long time stable operation.



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