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​Are you interested in epoxy thermistors?

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The rapid development of electronic technology has ushered in the huge prosperity of the electronic equipment industry. The increasing types of resistors are suitable for the application of different equipment and promote the improvement of equipment performance. The epoxy thermistor can protect the resistance from being damaged by excessive temperature, extend the performance of the thermistor, and meet people's diversified requirements for resistance.

How to detect the normal operation of an epoxy thermistor?

How does the time constant τ affect the performance of the epoxy thermistor?

What happens if epoxy thermistor uses alloy thermistor material?

How to detect the normal operation of an epoxy thermistor?

When testing, use the multimeter ohm level (depending on the nominal resistance value to determine the level, generally R×1 level), the specific operation can be divided into two steps: firstly, check at room temperature (indoor temperature is close to 25°C), and use alligator clips instead of test leads to clipping separately The actual resistance of the two pins of the epoxy thermistor is measured and compared with the nominal resistance. The difference between the two is within ±2Ω, which is normal. If the actual resistance value differs too much from the nominal resistance value, it means that its performance is poor or damaged. Secondly, the heating test. Based on the normal temperature test, the second step of the test can be carried out. Heating test, heat a heat source (such as an electric soldering iron) close to the thermistor and observe the universal indicator. Seeing that the universal indicator changes with the increase of temperature, it shows that the resistance value is gradually changing (the resistance of NTC thermistor with negative temperature coefficient will become smaller, and the resistance of PTC thermistor with positive temperature coefficient will become larger), When the resistance value changes to a certain value, the displayed data will gradually stabilize, indicating that the thermistor is normal. If the resistance value does not change, it indicates that its performance has deteriorated and cannot be used continuously.

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How does the time constant τ affect the performance of the epoxy thermistor?

The thermistor has thermal inertia, and the time constant is a parameter describing the thermal inertia of the thermistor. It is defined as, in the state of no power consumption, when the ambient temperature suddenly changes from a specific temperature to another specific temperature, the temperature of the epoxy thermistor body changes by 63.2% of the difference between the two specific temperatures. The time required. The smaller the τ, the smaller the thermal inertia of the thermistor.

What happens if epoxy thermistor uses alloy thermistor material?

Alloy thermistor materials are also called thermistor alloys. This kind of alloy has a high resistivity, and the resistance value is more sensitive to changes in temperature. It is a good material for making temperature-sensitive sensors. The performance requirements of the thermistor alloy as a temperature-sensitive sensor are as follows: (1) a sufficiently large resistivity; (2) a fairly high-temperature coefficient of resistance; (3) a linear expansion coefficient close to the experimental material; (4) small strain Sensitivity coefficient; (5) When heating and cooling in the working temperature range, the resistance temperature curve should have good repeatability.

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