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4OXV small cell Oxygen purification sensor

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  • AO-03

Product Overview

1. The AO-03 Oxygen Sensor detects oxygen concentration using an electrochemical principle; it has a quick response speed, high precision, is dependable and stable, and is widely used in industrial, mining, steelmaking, petrochemical, and other oxygen monitoring industries.

2. The working electrode and the supporting circuit are housed within the sensor's internal construction.

3. When oxygen combines with the electrode to produce a faint current, the oxygen concentration is computed based on the current. 

4. In comparison to existing oxygen sensors, the AO-03 employs unique protective layer technology, which significantly enhances anti-pollution ability and service life.

Product Parameter

temperature sensor


1. Industrial Furnace Gas Oxygen Content

(1)AO-03 oxygen sensors are crucially installed in industrial furnaces and heat treatment furnaces to precisely monitor the oxygen content and distribution within the furnace chamber. 

(2)By continuously monitoring the oxygen levels, these sensors enable the optimization of the burner's oxidation degree, ensuring efficient combustion and minimizing energy waste. 

(3)This not only enhances the overall energy efficiency ratio but also contributes to reducing emissions and promoting a more sustainable industrial process. 

(4)The accurate measurement and control provided by AO-03 oxygen sensors play a vital role in maintaining optimal furnace conditions, enhancing productivity, and ensuring safe and reliable operations in various industrial applications.

2. Anesthesia Ventilator Oxygen Supply

(1)This oxygen sensor is installed at the oxygen supply side of the anesthesia ventilator to detect the inhaled oxygen concentration in real time. 

(2)It plays a critical role in ensuring that the anesthesia oxygen content meets the required standards and ensures the safety of patients during anesthesia procedures. 

(3)By continuously monitoring the oxygen concentration, the sensor provides accurate feedback to the ventilator system, allowing for precise adjustments to maintain the desired oxygen levels. 

(4)This helps prevent the risk of hypoxia or hyperoxia, ensuring optimal patient care and reducing potential complications. 

(5)The real-time monitoring capability of this oxygen sensor enhances the overall safety and effectiveness of anesthesia procedures, providing healthcare professionals with vital information for patient management.

3. Diving breathing regulator oxygen partial pressure

(1)Equipped with the AO-03 oxygen sensor in the diver's breathing regulator, the oxygen supply is automatically adjusted based on changes in water pressure. 

(2)This ensures that the oxygen partial pressure of the breathing gas remains stable throughout the dive. 

(3)The sensor continuously monitors the water pressure and provides feedback to the regulator, allowing it to regulate the oxygen flow accordingly. 

(4)By maintaining a stable oxygen partial pressure, the sensor helps prevent the risk of hypoxia or hyperoxia, ensuring the safety and well-being of the diver. 

(5)This advanced technology enhances the diving experience by providing reliable and precise oxygen control, allowing divers to focus on their activities without worrying about oxygen supply fluctuations.

4. Fire alarm oxygen concentration

(1)To guarantee thorough monitoring, multiple AO-03 oxygen concentration detecting nodes are strategically distributed throughout a closed building.

(2)These nodes continuously monitor oxygen concentration levels and are set to activate the fire alarm system when the concentration falls below the combustion threshold.

(3)For warning people and performing proper safety processes, this early detection technology is critical in preventing possible fire threats.

(4)The AO-03 sensors give an extra layer of protection by quickly detecting low oxygen levels, allowing for quick evacuation and timely response to reduce the danger of fire events.

(5)The integration of these sensors with the fire alarm system improves the building's overall safety and security, giving inhabitants peace of mind and permitting effective emergency response procedures.

5. Plateau low oxygen environment

(1)This oxygen concentration on-line monitoring system was designed specifically for a plateau building to solve the issues of low oxygen levels. 

(2)When the oxygen concentration is detected to be too low, the system activates an oxygen boosting device automatically. 

(3)This ensures that residents live in a safe and healthy environment. The online monitoring system constantly monitors the oxygen levels and provides real-time feedback to the oxygen boosting device. 

(4)This technology is critical in assuring the safety and comfort of those who live or work in high-altitude places where oxygen levels are naturally lower. 

(5)This system's incorporation improves the overall livability and safety of plateau structures, enabling a better living and working environment.

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