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Heating and ventilation equipment temperature sensor

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Proudct Overview

The temperature sensor adopts metal fixing ring material, easy and quick installation. 

It has fast response, high sensitivity, good insulation sealing, and strong resistance to mechanical collision. This product can be customized according to customer requirements. 

In summary, this is a temperature sensor with easy installation, fast response, high sensitivity and shock resistance. 

We welcome customization to meet the needs of customers in different application scenarios.


temperature sensor


1. Heating Equipment

In the heating equipment, the temperature sensor can be installed inside the heating main unit to monitor the change of the surface temperature of the heat exchanger in real time. It will detect the temperature signal feedback to the control system of the heating equipment. When the temperature is too high, the control system will automatically reduce the heating capacity to avoid overheating the system; when the temperature is too low, the control system will increase the heating capacity.

In this way, the temperature sensor can help the heating equipment to achieve accurate control of the heating capacity, thus ensuring the comfort of the indoor temperature. The application of temperature sensors improves the intelligent level of the heating system and makes its operation safer and more reliable.

2. Ventilation Equipment

In the ventilation equipment, temperature sensors can be installed in the air inlet and outlet of the ventilation mainframe to monitor the temperature of the inlet and outlet air. The sensor will detect the temperature change of the air outlet in real time, and feedback the data to the control system of the ventilation equipment. When the inlet air temperature is too low, the control system will start the inlet air heating device. When the temperature of the outlet air is too high, it will automatically switch to fresh air mode.

In this way, the temperature sensor can help the ventilation equipment to maintain a comfortable air temperature. At the same time, it can also prevent frost, to protect the safety of the equipment. Through the application of temperature sensors, intelligent control of the operating parameters of the ventilation equipment can be realized, thus ensuring indoor air quality.

Ordering Instructions

temperature sensor

R-t table of conventional resistance values

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