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​Can you tell me the details of the epoxy thermistor?

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The continuous advancement of technology has prompted many industries to incorporate elements of technology. The resistance industry has also continuously produced many types. The epoxy thermistor is made of epoxy resin, which can well protect the operation of the thermistor and avoid damage caused by high temperature. At the same time, the epoxy thermistor is sensitive to temperature and can monitor the change of temperature in real-time, helping people monitor the safety of temperature.

What are the advantages of epoxy thermistors?

What are the advantages of epoxy thermistors?

What points should be paid attention to when testing epoxy thermistors?

What are the advantages of epoxy thermistors?

Epoxy thermistors are often used to protect thermistors that can damage and impair performance. With high-strength epoxy, a variety of chemical properties are required to protect thermistors. Industrial grade epoxy resin has strong thermal conductivity and dielectric strength.

The thermistor coated with epoxy resin will have a teardrop shape with a bead and two radial wires. These thermistors are often found in environments and applications where moisture is present. Epoxy thermistors can often be found inside medical equipment used to measure air temperature and airflow. They are also used in car applications to control and monitor seat heating and indoor air conditioning. Due to the catastrophic conditions in colder climates, it is not uncommon to find epoxy ball thermistors in green energy systems, such as wind turbines. When the turbine encounters icy rain and the temperature is below zero, freezing of the blades reduces efficiency and increases the load on the rotor.

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What are the advantages of epoxy thermistors?

The epoxy thermistor is the more robust of all temperature sensors. They consist of solid-state devices like variable resistors. As the temperature changes, the resistance of the thermistor also changes, and it has excellent sensitivity and accuracy as well as a wide range of resistance values. They also have excellent long-term displacement properties, are not sensitive to vibration, and do not suffer from other problems that other types of thermometers may have. Since they are not sensitive to vibration, their calibration is usually not affected by slight vibrations, impacts, or drops. However, their temperature range is usually limited to 100oC.

What points should be paid attention to when testing epoxy thermistors?

The following points should be paid attention to when testing epoxy thermistor: (1) Rt is measured when the ambient temperature during production is 25℃, so when measuring Rt with a multimeter, it should also be when the ambient temperature is close to 25℃ To ensure the credibility of the test. (2) The measured power shall not exceed the specified value, to avoid the measurement error caused by the heating effect of the current. (3) Pay attention to correct operation. During the test, do not pinch the epoxy thermistor body with your hands to prevent the body temperature from affecting the test. (4) Be careful not to make the heat source and the epoxy thermistor too close or directly contact the epoxy thermistor to prevent it from being burned.

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