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Digital temperature humidity freezer module temperature sensor fast responds

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  • AHT21B

Product Overview

1. AHT21B is a brand new upgraded product equipped with a dedicated ASIC sensor chip, high-performance semiconductor silicon based capacitive humidity sensor, and a standard on-chip temperature sensor. 

2. It also uses standard I ² C data output signal format. Its performance has been greatly improved and exceeds the reliability level of the previous generation of sensors. 

3. The new generation of upgraded products has been improved to make their performance more stable in high temperature and humidity environments.

4. At the same time, the accuracy, response time, and measurement range of the product have been significantly improved. 

5. Each sensor is rigorously calibrated and tested at the factory to ensure and meet customers' large-scale applications.

Product Parameter

temperature sensor

Product Application

1. Indoor Environment Monitoring

This temperature and humidity sensor can be applied to indoor environment monitoring. 

By installing the sensor, users can monitor the indoor temperature and humidity in real time to understand the quality and comfort of indoor air. 

The fast response and digital output of the sensor ensures accurate temperature and humidity measurements, helping users to adjust air conditioners, humidifiers and other equipment to create a comfortable and healthy living environment.

2. Temperature and Humidity Control Systems

Our sensors can be used in temperature and humidity control systems. 

By connecting the sensor to a controller or automation system, users can realize precise control of temperature and humidity. 

The fast response and digital output of the sensor enables the system to monitor and adjust temperature and humidity in real time, providing a comfortable and healthy working or living environment.

3. Cold Chain Logistics

The AHT21B sensor can also be used in cold chain logistics. 

During transportation and storage, temperature and humidity are key factors in maintaining the quality and safety of food, pharmaceuticals and other items. 

Our sensors provide fast response and accurately measured temperature and humidity data to help monitor and control cold chain environments, ensuring that items are transported and stored under appropriate temperature and humidity conditions.

Product Advantages

1. Fast Response

Specially optimized for humidity measurement, our sensors feature a fast response. 

Whether it's a change in indoor humidity or an environment with large fluctuations in humidity, our sensors are able to respond quickly to provide accurate humidity measurements. 

This helps users make timely adjustments to air conditioners, humidifiers and other devices to maintain a comfortable range of indoor humidity.

2. Digital Module

Available as temperature and humidity digital modules, our sensors have the advantage of being easy to integrate and use. 

Users can connect the sensor directly to a digital system or microcontroller for quick access to temperature and humidity data. 

The digital output not only provides easy data processing, but also reduces the possibility of interference and error, improving the accuracy and stability of the measurement.



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