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Car Short Ultrasonic Oxygen Sensor Gas Flow Module

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  • AOF1010

Product Overview

(1)Some affordable and useful oxygen concentration detection sensor is the AOF1010. 

(2)It detects oxygen concentration, flow, and temperature using the ultrasonic propagation principle and outputs the measured results immediately. 

(3)Full range temperature compensation, low cost, high reliability, ease of use, strong anti-interference ability, and no requirement for routine calibration are some of its qualities. 

(4)The AOF1010 has a substantially longer service life than conventional electrochemical oxygen sensors, and it requires no calibration or maintenance at any point in its lifespan. 

(5)It is appropriate for detecting oxygen concentrations of 21%–95.6% in oxygen concentrators and offers a wide range of oxygen concentration detection (0%–100%). OEMs of oxygen concentrators should choose it.

Product Advantages

(1)Highly Exact Oxygen Flow Sensor Module

  • To precisely measure oxygen flow, our automobile ultrasonic oxygen flow sensor module employs modern technology and high accuracy sensors. 

  • Our solutions provide dependable measurements to ensure precise engine combustion efficiency and emission control, whether in an automotive emission control system or an oxygen supply system.

(2)Oxygen Flow Sensor Module with Multi-Functionality

  • Our product is more than simply an oxygen flow sensor, it is multi-functional. 

  • It can generate data in real time while monitoring parameters such as oxygen content, flow rate, and temperature. 

  • As a result, our products are useful in a variety of applications such as automobile combustion control, environmental monitoring, and oxygen delivery.

(3)Reliability and Durability

  • Our vehicle ultrasonic oxygen flow sensor module is built of high-quality materials and undergoes a rigorous production process to assure the product's dependability and durability. 

  • It has a long service life and can perform reliably in demanding working settings. 

  • Our products can retain accurate measurement and reliable performance even under high temperature, high humidity, high pressure, and other circumstances, providing users with long-term service.

Product Parameter

temperature sensor parameter

Product Application

1. Environmental surveillance

(1)In environmental monitoring, oxygen sensors are crucial. 

(2)For instance, oxygen sensors can determine the amount of oxygen present in indoor air during indoor air quality monitoring to make sure that the air complies with health requirements. 

(3)Additionally, oxygen sensors can be used in outdoor environmental monitoring to find the amount of oxygen in the air to determine the level of air pollution.

2. Gas Detection

(1)Oxygen sensors play a key role in gas detection. For example, in homes and commercial buildings, oxygen sensors can be used to detect gas leaks, such as natural gas or LPG leaks. 

(2)It can detect gas leaks and trigger alarms in time to ensure people's safety.

3. Land Detection

(1)What's more, oxygen sensors can also be used for land detection. 

(2)For example, in agriculture, oxygen sensors can be used to monitor the oxygen content in the soil to assess the quality and suitability of the soil. 

(3)This is important for crop growth and soil improvement, and can help farmers make appropriate decisions to improve crop yields and land use efficiency.



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