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Air quality MEMS process TVOC gas sensor

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  • AGS02MA

Product Overview

        AGS02MA has a built-in high performance semiconductor-based resistive TVOC sensor with a standard I²C digital output signal, using dedicated digital module acquisition technology and gas sensing technology. It is suitable for the detection of various organic volatile gases.

Product Parameter

Product Model AGS02MA
Working Voltage 3.3~5.5V
Working Current 28±5mA
Measurement Range 0~99999ppb
Typical Accuracy(25℃/50%RH) 25% Readings
Output Method
I²C Slave Mode

Product Advantages

1. Standardized output signals:

The AGS02 MATVOC sensor uses a standardized I²C digital output signal that is compatible with most existing microcontrollers and processors, which simplifies product integration and application development, and improves system flexibility and scalability.

2. High sensitivity detection:

With high sensitivity TVOC detection, the sensor is able to quickly and accurately identify and measure the concentration of trace amounts of TVOC in the air, effectively helping users to monitor and control indoor air quality to ensure a safe and healthy environment.

3. Simplified integration design:

The compact design of the AGS02 MATVOC sensor makes it easy to integrate into a variety of products, such as smart home devices, air purifiers, etc. It provides users with a convenient and fast TVOC monitoring solution and reduces the complexity and cost of product development and integration.

AGS02MA air quality sensor MEMS process TVOC gas sensor


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