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Epoxy resin encapsulated thermistor for household appliances

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The thermistor is a high-performance temperature sensing component with a sleek black leather exterior, designed for durability and precision. It features a dual parallel wire structure, ensuring stable signal transmission and exceptional longevity. 

We offer flexible customization services, allowing adjustments based on customer-provided wire types and lengths. Prompt and accurate quotations are available upon request. Each product comes with a detailed specification sheet. Ideal for industrial applications or everyday electronic devices, our thermistor is the perfect choice for precise temperature control. Choose our thermistor to add reliable assurance to your projects.


1.Epoxy resin encapsulated
2.Wide range temperature
3.Small size, high sensitivity
4.Good heat resisting circulation
5.Fast induction


1.Air conditioning room temperature
2.External temperature detection, kettle
3.Battery packs
4.Battery pack testing for new energy vehicles and other equipments
5.Household appliances

Parameters Characteristics

1.Thermal reaction time:≤10 seconeds in water bath
2.Dissipation factor: about 2.6mW/℃ in standing air
3.Withstand voltage test:AC 1000V 2mA 3 second
4. Insulation test:DC 500V,≥100MΩ
5. Rated power:≤10mW
6. Operating temperture range:-30℃~100℃

Ordering Instructions
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