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Outdoor oven smart home cooling temperature sensor

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Product description

This temperature sensor features high precision and high temperature resistance, allowing it to quickly respond and maintain stability and reliability in a wide range of temperatures. The metal shell design provides excellent waterproof performance, ensuring reliable operation in harsh environments. 

Product advantages

1. High Accuracy Measurement

To deliver precise temperature measurement, our smart home temperature sensor employs high precision NTC temperature sensor technology. 

Our sensors can reliably measure temperature in indoor air conditioning, heating systems, and electric kettles, allowing users to achieve exact temperature control and provide a comfortable living environment.

2. Fast Response

Its smart home temperature sensors have a quick response time. 

The sensors can detect temperature changes fast and provide instant feedback to the smart home system. 

This enables the system to regulate the temperature more quickly and give more precise temperature management. 

Our sensors can respond rapidly to provide efficient temperature control, whether it's during cooling on, heating start-up, or temperature change.

3. Rice Cooker Specific:

Our smart home temperature sensors are especially suited for temperature control in rice cookers. 

The sensor accurately measures temperature changes during the cooking process, helping the rice cooker to achieve precise cooking control. 

This helps to cook delicious rice with a full-bodied texture and suitable taste. Users can easily use our sensors to enjoy a high quality cooking experience.

temperature sensor

Product Applications

1、Rice cookers

Rice cookers are often fitted with temperature sensors to accurately monitor and control the cooking process.

 Generally, thermal sensors such as thermistors are installed on the inner wall, which can accurately detect the change of temperature inside the rice cooker. The sensor will feedback the temperature to the circuit control system. 

When the temperature inside the rice cooker reaches the preset cooking temperature, the control system will automatically cut off the power. 

This prevents further heating, which can lead to cooking failure. In this way, the temperature sensor can be used to accomplish precise cooking.

2、Microwave ovens, coffee makers

Microwave ovens and coffee makers also use temperature sensors. 

Microwave ovens will be installed inside the temperature probe, when the internal temperature of the food reaches a temperature sufficient to fully cook. 

As a result, the probe sends a signal back to the microwave oven control system to turn off the heating unit. 

So it can avoid food overheating or mushy pot. 

The fully automatic coffee maker will also use built-in sensors to monitor temperature changes when brewing coffee, controlling the brewing time to accomplish optimal coffee refining.

3、Floor Heating, Intelligent Toilet

In an underfloor heating system, temperature sensors are used to detect changes in the temperature of the water in the water supply system.

The control system adjusts the heating intensity according to the temperature to ensure that the heat transferred from the floor stays within a comfortable temperature range for the human body.

Toilet seat temperature detection in smart toilets also relies on temperature monitoring.

It therefore detects the user's body surface temperature and adjusts the flushing water temperature accordingly to provide a personalized comfort experience.

Ordering Instructions

temperature sensor


Q: How can I place my order?

A: Please kindly check "Contact Us" to find our e-mail address and send us an e-mail. After receiving the e-mail, we will reply you in time.

Q: What is the production time for bulk products?

A: We will arrange shipment within 3 days if is available. For bulk goods, the production time needs to be scheduled, we will let you know the delivery time of the products within 7 days after the order is placed.


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