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Specialized for refrigerator air conditioning temperature sensor

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Product Description

This high-precision temperature sensor is designed with a high level of stability and customization, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. 

Manufactured using brass or stainless steel materials, this sensor features easy installation and excellent thermal conductivity. 

With a variety of shell sizes and line lengths available, it can be used in household appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners, refrigerators, and washing machines to ensure accurate measurement of temperature.



1.Be easy to install
2.High-thermal conductivity
3.Brass, stainless steel straight pipe
4.High precision and high stability
5.Customized for different types of size of the shell, size ans line length is welcome.


1. Home Air Conditioning:

A temperature sensor for our home air conditioners can be used in home air conditioning systems. 

By installing the sensor, users can monitor the indoor temperature in real time and adjust the air conditioning settings based on the measurement results to achieve a comfortable indoor environment. 

The high accuracy and stability of the sensors ensure accurate temperature measurement, providing the temperature control and energy management that users need.

2. Oven Temperature Sensors:

In addition, our sensors can also be used as oven temperature sensors. 

The oven is an important piece of equipment for cooking and baking, and accurate temperature control is critical to the success of cooking and baking. 

Our dedicated NTC temperature sensors provide highly accurate temperature measurements to help users keep track of the temperature inside the oven for precise cooking and baking.

3. Dedicated NTC temperature sensors:

One of our sensors is a specialized NTC temperature sensor designed specifically for temperature measurement. 

It has high sensitivity and stability for a wide range of temperature measurement applications. 

Whether it's a home air conditioner, oven, or any other device that requires temperature monitoring, our sensors are able to provide reliable temperature data to meet the user's needs for temperature control and monitoring.

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