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-145℃ fireplace cooling fan current temperature switch

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  • JP10-BB5D

Product description 

1. The JP10 Series temperature switch is a high-performance and reliable device for monitoring and controlling temperature. 

2. It is suitable for use in a wide range of applications, including industrial, automotive, and consumer electronics. 

3. The switch is available in DC12V-12A, AC115V-15A, and AC250V-10A ratings, making it suitable for various power sources and load conditions. 

4. It features a plastic case with a normally closed configuration, making it easy to install and use. 

5. The switch has a rated breaking temperature of up to XX°C, ensuring it can withstand high temperatures in harsh environments.

6. JP is a leading supplier of temperature switch products, with a wide range of products and specifications to meet different application requirements.

Temperature Switch



JP10 Series:DC12V-12A、AC115V-15A、AC250V-10A

Model Specifications:

10——Product number

BB5D——Plastic case normally closed 18 package

XX℃——Rated breaking temperature

JP——Supplier name


1. Iron

(1)Temperature switches are commonly used in irons to regulate the hot soleplate. 

(2)Once the desired temperature is reached, the temperature control switch cuts off power to the heating element. This prevents overheating and damage to the fabric. 

(3)The switch cycles the power on and off to maintain the set temperature throughout the ironing process. 

(4)More advanced irons may use electronic switches for more precise temperature control.

2. Oven

(1)Ovens use a thermostat switch connected to a thermocouple sensor to control the baking temperature. 

(2)When the desired temperature is reached, the switch cuts power to the heating coils. 

(3)When the oven cools, the switch turns the coils back on to maintain the set temperature. This allows for precise control of roasting and baking temperatures.

3. Fryers

(1)High temperature limit switches are used in fryers as a safety precaution. 

(2)If the oil temperature becomes too high and exceeds a safety point, the limit switch permanently cuts off the power supply to prevent a fire hazard. 

(3)This provides additional protection in the event that the main thermostat fails.

4. Kettles

(1)Electric kettles use a thermostat switch that automatically switches off the heating element when the water reaches boiling point. 

(2)This prevents energy wastage and safely switches off the kettle before the water temperature rises to a dangerous level.

Product Operating Temperature Correspondence Table 

temperature switch


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