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Good insulation fryer temperature sensor thermistor

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Product Overview

1.Wide resistance range:1KΩ~500KΩ
2.High accuracy, good consistency and interchangeable both resistance value and B value.
3.Good insulation, high reliability, quick response
4.high temperature resistant
5.Double-layer sealing process, with good insulation sealing, mechanical impact resistance, bending resistance and high reliability
6.Can work stably for a long time (annual drift rate of resistance value ≤1‰)
7.Can be encapsulated according to the installation conditions used.
8.Operating temperture range:-40~300℃


1、Household appliances: deep fryers, hot pots, rice cookers, heaters, soymilk makers, coffee makers

2、Transportation: cars, electric cars

3、Office equipment: printers, copiers, computers, communication equipment

4、Other electrical appliances: microwave ovens, electric ovens, sterilizers, electric kettles, refrigerators, cell phone batteries, chargers, induction cookers, toasters

5、More applications: dishwashers, disinfection equipment, washing machines, air conditioning, automotive air conditioning systems, medical equipment, temperature measurement, industrial automation equipment, temperature control equipment

6、Special environment measurement: grain bin, refrigerator, air conditioner, water heater, freezer, cell phone battery, charger, induction cooker, toaster, disinfection cabinet

7、More fields: electric ovens, fire alarms, food storage, ocean, deep wells, glaciers and other temperature measurement, as well as military and other fields.

Ordering Instructions

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