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JP10-BB5D-75℃ high current temperature switch

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Product description

(1)Temperature switch is a switching device that switches the circuit on and off according to the temperature change. 

(2)Internal temperature sensing element and electrical contact, when the temperature reaches the set value, the spring plate deformation, so that the electrical contact switching action.

(3)It is a sensitive, accurate and reliable temperature switch that can monitor the temperature change of the controlled object in real time. 

(4)Be widely used in electrical protection, industrial control, automotive electronics and other fields. 

(5)We provide a variety of brands of temperature switch products, complete models, parameters can be customized, welcome to call to consult the selection.

Temperature Switch


Product Parameters

JP10 Series:DC12V-12A、AC115V-15A、AC250V-10A

Model Specifications:

10——Product number

BB5D——Plastic case normally closed 18 package

XX℃——Rated breaking temperature

JP——Supplier name

Product Application 

1. Sterilization cabinets

(1)In medical sterilizers, a temperature switch is employed to monitor the temperature inside the working chamber and determine if it reaches the desired sterilization temperature. 

(2)When the temperature is below the set threshold, the temperature switch triggers the introduction of additional hot air to raise the temperature. 

(3)Once the set sterilization temperature is achieved, the temperature switch shuts off the heat to ensure precise control of the sterilization process and guarantee effective sterilization.

2. Refrigerated Storage

(1)Frozen storage units are indeed equipped with temperature switches to maintain the desired temperature for storing sensitive samples like blood and vaccines. 

(2)When the temperature inside the storage room exceeds the predetermined threshold, the temperature switch triggers the automatic activation of the refrigeration system. 

(3)This ensures that the temperature is promptly lowered back to the specified range, safeguarding the integrity and quality of the stored samples. 

(4)The temperature switch plays a crucial role in ensuring the stability and reliability of the frozen storage environment.

3. Medical electric blanket

(1)To ensure accurate and safe treatment of the patient's body temperature, the temperature switch in the medical electric blanket should be set to initiate heating when the body temperature is too low. 

(2)Once the body temperature reaches a normal level, the heater is automatically switched off, effectively preventing any potential medical errors resulting from overheating of the electric blanket.

Product Operating Temperature Correspondence Table 



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