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-95℃ high current for freezer closed temperature switch

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  • JP10-BB5D

Product description

(1)A typical electronic device used in circuits to safeguard them from overheating and fire risks is the JP10 series temperature switch. 

(2)It is a safety device that can detect a circuit's temperature fast and activate an automated cut-off feature when the temperature rises above a predetermined level.

(3)The switch won't be harmed even when exposed to overtemperature conditions because the rated current of the switch is often far lower than the current it can handle. 

(4)With rated voltages of 12, 115, and 250 volts and rated breaking temperatures of 10, 50, and 70 degrees Celsius, this switch can be used in both DC and AC circuits.

Temperature Switch

temperature switch

Product Parameters

JP10 Series:DC12V-12A、AC115V-15A、AC250V-10A

Model Specifications:

10——Product number

BB5D——Plastic case normally closed 18 package

XX℃——Rated breaking temperature

JP——Supplier name

Product Application

1. Hotel Restaurant

(1)Temperature switches can be fitted on appliances like steamers and ovens in hotel kitchens and restaurants. 

(2)When the apparatus reaches the set temperature for food preparation.

(3)To prevent overcooking the food, the temperature switch immediately shuts off the power. 

(4)To keep the machinery at the proper operating temperature, the temperature switch is re-energized when the temperature drops.

2. Hotel Bathroom

(1)The temperature switches in hotel restrooms can be adjusted. 

(2)When the hot tub's water temperature is too high, the heating system is immediately turned off, and when it is too low, it is heated.

(3)The water temperature should be kept within the proper range to prevent scorching and to maintain a comfortable temperature in the restroom. 

(4)In the event that the water is too hot to prompt you, you can also set a high temperature alarm point at the same time.

3. Hotel Air Conditioning

(1)The temperature switch in the hotel room air conditioning system can be adjusted. 

(2)When the room temperature is too low, the heating system will automatically turn on, and when it is too hot, it will switch to the cooling mode.

(3)In order to increase the comfort of the residents, the room temperature will be kept in a comfortable range without the need for frequent human modification.

Product Operating Temperature Correspondence Table 

RT table


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