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JP02-BB8D-70℃ normally open normally closed temperature switch

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Product description

1. Our firm creates high-quality goods like JP02-BB8D-70°C. 

2. We produce dependable and stable temperature switches as a Jieput brand representative using premium components and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques. 

3. From 30 to 155 degrees Celsius, a wide variety of temperatures can be accommodated by our products. 

4. JP02 temperature switches offer dependable temperature control solutions for both household and industrial applications.

Product Advantages

1. High voltage temperature switch

  • The JP02 series temperature switch is a product with a high current carrying capability that can reliably regulate the temperature of high current devices. 

  • To ensure dependability and durability, it is constructed using premium materials and skilled craftsmanship.

  •  Regardless of whether it is being used for industrial production or domestic applications, it consistently guards equipment against the risk of overheating and provides safe operation.

2. Temperature switches with quick response

  • Our JP02 series temperature switches are known for their quick response, which allows them to swiftly identify temperature changes and take appropriate action. 

  • It can instantly cut off or turn on the circuit thanks to its highly sensitive sensor and precise control algorithm, safeguarding systems and equipment from temperature fluctuations and enhancing equipment reliability.

3. Normally closed temperature switch

  • JP02 series temperature switch adopts normally closed design, i.e., the switch is closed under normal working condition. 

  • Once the temperature exceeds the set value, the switch will automatically break the circuit to prevent the equipment from overheating. 

  • This design ensures the safety of the equipment and can automatically resume the closed state after the temperature returns to normal, reducing the need for manual intervention and improving the convenience of operation. 

  • Meanwhile, its white plastic housing is designed to be aesthetically pleasing and suitable for a variety of environments.

temperature switch

Temperature Switch 02 Normally Closed Product Information

Rated curent 

JP02 Series:DC12V-4A、DC17V-3A、DC24V-3A、AC115V-3A、AC250V-2A

Model Specifications:

02——Product number

BB8D——Plastic case normally closed 15 package

XX℃——Rated breaking temperature

JP——Supplier name

Product Operating Temperature Correspondence Table 

temperature switch


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