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JP02-BB8D-35℃ normally open temperature switch

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  • JP02-BB8D-35℃

Product description 

(1)Temperature switch is a precise and reliable electronic component, which automatically switches according to the change of external ambient temperature to effectively control the circuit. 

(2)In various application scenarios, temperature switches have become an indispensable part of many equipments by realizing precise temperature control with their unique advantages and features.

temperature switch

Temperature Switch

Rated curent 

JP02 Series:DC12V-4A、DC17V-3A、DC24V-3A、AC115V-3A、AC250V-2A

Model Specifications:

02——Product number

BB8D——Plastic case normally closed 15 package

XX℃——Rated breaking temperature

JP——Supplier name


1. Water Warmer

(1)This thermostat can be used for water warmers and the switch automatically cuts off the power when the water temperature reaches 35°C to prevent the water from getting too hot. 

(2)This ensures that the hot water is at the right temperature and avoids the risk of scalding.

2. Temperature control cabinet

(1)This temperature switch is used in temperature control cabinets. 

(2)When the temperature inside the cabinet reaches 35°C, the switch triggers the cooling system to activate to keep the temperature inside the cabinet stable. 

(3)This will maintain the quality and shelf life of the items inside the cabinet.

3. Temperature control lamps and lanterns

(1)This temperature switch can be applied to temperature control lamps and lanterns, when the surface temperature of the lamps and lanterns reaches 35 ℃, the switch will automatically turn off the lamps and lanterns, to avoid the lamps and lanterns overheating and causing safety hazards. 

(2)This provides a safe and reliable lighting environment.

Temperature Correspondence Table

RT table


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