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JP02-BB8D-50℃ normally open normally closed temperature switch

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Product description 

1. This temperature switch is carefully designed with excellent performance parameters, compact structure, small size and easy installation. 

2. The white engineering plastic resin material used has good color rendering. The temperature range is adjustable from 30 to 155 degrees Celsius. 

3. The internal contacts are made of high quality precious metals with excellent conductivity and corrosion resistance. Wide range of applications, especially for electrical products overheating protection.


temperature switch

Temperature Switch

Rated curent 

JP02 Series:DC12V-4A、DC17V-3A、DC24V-3A、AC115V-3A、AC250V-2A

Model Specifications:

02——Product number

BB8D——Plastic case normally closed 15 package

XX℃——Rated breaking temperature

JP——Supplier name


1. Smart home appliances

The temperature switch can be combined with smart home appliances, such as smart air conditioners, smart humidifiers, etc., to automatically turn home appliances on or off according to the indoor temperature, realize intelligent control, and improve living comfort.

2. Industrial production

In some industrial processes, temperature switches can monitor and control the temperature of production environments, such as food processing, chemical production, etc., to ensure product quality and production efficiency.

3. Agricultural farming

In agricultural breeding sites, temperature switches can monitor and control the temperature of the breeding environment, such as poultry houses, farms, etc., to provide suitable living conditions for animals and improve their health and growth.

Product Operating Temperature Correspondence Table 

temperature switch


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