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electronic Digital Thermal Gas Mass Flowmeter Oxygen Air 0-500L/min

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  • AMS2000

Product Summary:

AMS2000 is a thermal mass flow meter that calculates the mass flow of the gas by measuring the change in resistance. The sensor adopts the self-developed MEMS mass flow chip. It has advantages such as easy-to-use, high accuracy, high stability, high and low temperature resistance, good linearity, and fast response time.

AMS2000 mass flow controller is calibrated before delivery, the range, accuracy, repeatability, response time... are all calibrated.

Product Parameter

Range 0~500L/min(Customizable for different ranges)
Precision ±3%F.S.
Repeatability ±1%F.S.
Power supply mode External power supply9~24V DC
Response time 50ms
Output RS485

Product Advantages

1. Highly Accurate Measurement

The AMS2000 flow sensor has a highly accurate measurement capability to accurately monitor fluid flow to meet the needs of industrial and laboratory applications.

2. High Stability

The sensor is manufactured using advanced technology and materials to provide excellent stability and reliability for continuous and stable operation, reducing the risk of equipment maintenance and failure.

3. Widely applicable

AMS2000 flow sensor can be applied to a wide range of fluid types and working environments, with excellent versatility and adaptability, to meet the needs of different industries and application scenarios.



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