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Gas Air Flow Temperature Digital Analog Signal electronic Sensor

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  • AFM3100

Product Overview

1. AFM3001 measures mass flow of air, oxygen and other non-corrosive gases with high accuracy. 

2. A self-developed thermal sensor chip and a high-performance CMOS microprocessor integrated with 24-bit AD acquisition are adopted in AFM3001. 

3. The special air duct of AFM3001 reduces the pressure loss of the measured gas, which makes it suitable for various harsh scenarios.
4. AFM3001 can measure bidirectionally and aslo measure the temperature and humidity of the gas.

Product Parameter

gas sensor


1. Energy management

In the field of energy, gas flow meters play a crucial role in enabling enterprises and organizations to effectively monitor the flow and quality of energy substances such as gas and coal. 

By accurately measuring and tracking the consumption of these resources, businesses can optimize their energy usage, leading to more effective utilization and conservation. 

Gas flow meters are essential tools for promoting energy efficiency and sustainability, helping industries across various sectors to improve their operations and reduce their environmental impact.

2. Food processing

Gas flow meters are widely applied in the food processing sector, notably for measuring the quantity and characteristics of carbon dioxide emitted by breweries. 

This crucial application ensures the maintenance of product excellence and the desired taste. By accurately monitoring the flow of gas, these meters help guarantee the high quality of beverages, contributing to customer satisfaction. 

The utilization of such cutting-edge technology enables breweries to optimize their manufacturing processes and deliver consistent, superior products to the market.

3. Medical applications

Mass flow meters are indispensable components of medical equipment, including but not limited to ventilators and oxygen concentrators. 

These instruments play a crucial role in monitoring the respiratory function and overall well-being of patients by accurately measuring the flow and quality of the gas they inhale or exhale. 

By providing real-time data on gas consumption, mass flow meters enable doctors to make informed decisions regarding treatment strategies and adjustments. 

The precision and reliability of these devices ensures that patients receive optimal respiratory support, ultimately contributing to their recovery and improved health outcomes.



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