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Bimetal current for incubator temperature switch

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  • AM17 series

Product description

Guangdong JIEPUTE Technology  recently introduced the 17AM-JP series of thermal protectors, a patented product. It is similar in function to the 17AM+PTC product and provides power failure delay protection. This particular thermal protector is ideally suited for the vacuum impregnation process of motor windings. 

It provides reliable overheat, overcurrent and rotor lockout protection for all types of motors. Including vacuum cleaners, juicers, soy milk makers, blenders. motors in paper shredders, lawn mowers, snow plows, washing machines, submersible pumps and power tools. In addition, it provides overheating and overcurrent protection for electric heating systems.

temperature sensor

Usage scenarios

The 17AM-JP Series Thermal Protector has a specification of 80-185°C (with each level at 5°C intervals), and special requirements and specifications can be customized. The product has excellent performance and structure, ensuring stable and reliable protection for various applications.

With its advanced technology and unique design, the 17AM-JP Series Thermal Protector is a high-quality product that provides reliable protection for various applications. It is a must-have for any application that requires overheat, overcurrent, and locked rotor protection.


1. Snowplow

Temperature sensors are installed in the engine and lubrication system of snowplows to monitor engine temperatures and trigger an alarm or automatic shutdown when temperatures become too high to prevent engine overheating damage.


Temperature sensors are embedded in the cutting components of lawnmowers to monitor the operating temperatures of the blades and motors, and signal when the temperature exceeds a safe range to allow for a timely shutdown and avoid potential hazards.

3、Juice Extractor

Temperature sensors are placed near the motor and heating components of a juicer to monitor operating temperatures in real time. Once the temperature rises abnormally, the sensor will automatically cut off the power supply, effectively preventing machine failure or safety accidents caused by overheating.

temperature sensor


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