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High precision digital temperature sensor

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  • DS18B20


The temperature sensor has high precision, wide range of resistance value (1KΩ-500KΩ), high precision of resistance value and B value, good consistency and strong interchangeability. It has good insulation, high reliability and fast response speed. In addition, the product can be customized according to customer needs. 

In summary, this is a temperature sensor product with high accuracy, wide application range and excellent performance. It can provide customized solutions for customers and is an ideal choice for your system integration.


1. Washing machine

Temperature sensor is installed to monitor the change of water temperature and control the heating module to keep the water temperature at the optimum washing temperature to avoid damaging the clothes due to too high or too low water temperature.

2.Security System

The security system uses temperature sensors to detect the internal temperature of the chassis, and starts the fan to dissipate the heat when it is overheated to avoid system damage and ensure the reliable operation of the security system.

3.Intelligent sound

Built-in temperature probe in the audio equipment, real-time monitoring of the circuit board temperature, when overheating to reduce the volume to reduce the heat, to protect the audio system security.

4. air fryer

Equipped with temperature sensors, measuring the oil temperature changes, precise control of the electric heating time, the food will be fried at the optimal temperature until golden brown.

5. Projector

Projector internal temperature sensor, you can detect the temperature of the light source, when overheating start fan cooling to prevent damage to the light source.

 Appearance structure diagram


Product features

1. Thermal reaction time: ≤10 seconds in water bath

2. Dissipation coefficient: about 2.6mW/℃ in the static air

3. Withstand voltage test: AC 1300V 2mA for 1 second, no flashover, no breakdown and other abnormal phenomena in the steel ball

4. Insulation test: DC 500V ≥100MΩ

5. Rated power: ≤10mW

6. Operating temperature: -40℃~180℃

Please inform the following parameters when ordering 

1. What is the resistance requirement (can be selected according to the above table)

2. How much B value is required (can be selected according to the above table)

3. Working environment (whether it needs to be waterproof, moisture-proof, cold-resistant, etc.)

4. Purpose: Choose different temperature-resistant wires, different resistance values for different purposes, etc.

5. What is the operating temperature range?

6. Accuracy requirements (1%-5% optional)

7. Shell material (copper, brass, stainless steel, ABS, epoxy resin, etc.)

8. Shell size (all can be customized)

9. Wire and length (both can be customized)

10. Does the end of the wire need a connector? (Molex, JST, CJT, etc. are optional).

Ordering process


Package instruction



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