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High sensitivity Miniature Enameled Wire NTC Thermistor

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Product description

Energy-saving High Sensitivity Miniature Enameled Wire NTC Thermistor for Lithium battery/Smart Phones/Tablet PC/Air Conditioners/Refrigerators/Water Heaters

Our JPTR series NTC thermistors have NTC thermistors with uninsulated leads. It is one of the most typical and common NTC thermistors in the industry. They are suitable for being installed on the PC board or encapsulated in a shell to make a temperature sensor.

Product Features

1. High accuracy +/-0.1℃, good consistency

2. Small size, fast heat induction, high sensitivity

3. Good stability and high reliability

4. Working temperature -40 ℃ ~ +105 ℃

Product Application

1. Lithium battery

JPTR NTC are commonly used in temperature monitoring and protection systems for lithium batteries.

Real-time control of charging and discharging rates by measuring the battery temperature.

To ensure that the battery operates within a safe temperature range and to improve the charging efficiency and life of the battery.

2. Consumer electronics

In consumer electronics products, such as smart phones, tablet PCs, etc., NTC enameled wires are used in temperature sensing and control systems.

It guarantees that the device works at a stable temperature and improves the performance and stability of the device.

3. Household appliances

Enameled wire NTC is mainly applied in the temperature control system of household appliances such as air conditioners, refrigerators, water heaters and so on.

It is used to monitor the ambient temperature and automatically adjust the operating status of home appliances to improve energy efficiency and usage experience.


Ordering process:

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