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Air-conditioner vents smart home temperature sensor

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Product description

(1)This temperature sensor is a high-precision, reliable, and interchangeable device with both resistance value and B value. 

(2)It features good insulation, quick response, and double-layer sealing process for excellent insulation sealing, mechanical impact resistance, and bending resistance. 

(3)The product can work stably for a long time with an annual resistance drift rate of no more than 1‰. It can be encapsulated according to different installation conditions.

Product parameters


Product advantages

1. Air-conditioner temperature sensor

The air-conditioner temperature sensor can accurately monitor the temperature of the air-conditioner to ensure that the indoor temperature is always appropriate. 

Whether it's summer or winter, users can easily control the air-conditioner for a cozy and comfortable indoor environment.

2. Durable temperature sensor

The temperature sensor of this product is made of durable material, which has excellent durability and long life. 

Whether it is subjected to high temperature, low temperature or humidity changes, it can maintain stable performance and provide users with long-lasting and reliable service.

3. Household temperature sensor 

As a household temperature sensor, it can be quickly adapted to the home environment and is compatible with existing air conditioning systems. 

Easy to install, users can start enjoying the comfortable experience of precise temperature control with just a simple setup. 

Whether it's for sleeping, working or relaxing, this home temperature sensor will provide you with a customized temperature regulation solution.

Product applications

1、Temperature Detection

(1)Air conditioning temperature sensors are widely used in air conditioning systems to measure indoor and outdoor temperatures.
(2)The sensor senses temperature changes in real time and feeds the data back to the air conditioning system to adjust the cooling or heating effect to provide a comfortable indoor temperature.

2、Humidity Detection

(1)An air conditioner humidity sensor is used to measure the humidity level in the room. 

(2)The sensor monitors changes in humidity and adjusts the humidity control of the air conditioning system according to the set humidity range to provide a comfortable indoor humidity environment and prevent the air from becoming too dry or humid.

3、CO2 Detection

(1)The air conditioning CO2 sensor is used to measure indoor CO2 levels. 

(2)The sensor monitors the indoor CO2 level and adjusts the fresh air volume of the air conditioning system according to the set CO2 range to ensure indoor air quality and provide a healthy and comfortable indoor environment.

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R-t table of conventional resistance values 

RT table


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