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PT100 Industry furnace monitor temperature sensor

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The temperature sensors operate at high temperatures up to 300°C. Under high temperature conditions, the material does not become discolored, brittle or hardened. Therefore, it has good stability and high reliability. The sensor can be mass-produced and offers an excellent price/performance ratio. 

At the same time, it is also accurate and stable. To summarize, this is a temperature sensor with a wide operating temperature range, excellent performance and cost-effective. At the same time, we are also accepting customization requirements.




temperature sensor



1.Hair dryer

Through the temperature sensor, real-time detection of the outlet temperature changes, control the hot air to adjust the temperature, to prevent scalding hair and scalp.

2.Sound control light

Installed temperature probe, when the room temperature is too high, automatically reduce the brightness of the light, reduce the heat, to ensure a comfortable room temperature.

3.Sweeping Robot

Temperature sensor can monitor the internal temperature of the machine, and actively reduce the workload when overheating to avoid damage to the machine.

4. Air fryer

PT100 sensor can detect the oil temperature, through the feedback control of the electric wire, the oil temperature will be controlled in the optimal temperature range, to realize the golden crispy skin of fried food.

5.Water Heater

With the thermostat to adjust the electric heating intensity in real time to ensure the hot water temperature and avoid overheating and pipe burst accident.

Ordering Instructions

temperature sensor


Q: What is the production time of the samples?

A: We can arrange shipment for you within 3 days if the samples are in stock. It takes us 15 days to prepare if the samples are not in stock.

Q: What is the production time for bulk products?

A: We will make shipment arrangement within 3 days if there is enough stock. The production time of bulk goods need to be scheduled, we will tell you the delivery time of the products within 7 days after the order is placed.


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